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Susan A. Berry - Illustrator
Illustration for editorial use, product displays and branding 

Hi. And welcome!

This is a sampling of some watercolors that I have done for various magazines, news media, books, and artful companies.  

I love using watercolor because of the crisp reproduction qualities and the subtle color shifts that can be captured. Plants, green goods, how-to's, products and anything that says 'nature" are a common theme but by no means all of what I paint. Many customers buy my artwork for the energetic and playful quality. 


I live in a rural area, with plenty of inspiration just outside my door, as well as from a neighboring world-class museum. 


Take a look and please pop an email to me via the contact page if you are interested in working together for your story, product or business. Deadlines are serious business to me!

Thank you!


All artwork Copyright 2023, Susan Airris Berry

All Rights Reserved



Insta:  SusanBerryART


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