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Art & Clients

I'm a freelance illustrator/designer. I work with some pretty wonderful magazines, newspapers, and publishing houses. I also create art for companies that need colorful images for products, branding, and marketing.


Clients include:  Stave Puzzles, Twin Farms Resort, Dartmouth College, National Science Foundation, Storey Communications, Chelsea Green Press, Taylor Guides (Houghton-Mifflin), Time-Life Gardening and Reader's Digest Gardening series.

I work primarily in watercolor, with other media as needed to create the images my customers need.  I am also a printmaker - working in intaglio processes, chine colle and collographs. The layering required in printmaking often translates into how I handle digital illustrations. 

My studio is located in New England and FedEx moves my artwork dependably on time to meet deadlines.


INSTA:  susanberryart

You will also see Printmaking and Landscape Design pages here. These are additional interests and careers. 

All artwork Copyright, Susan Airris Berry  2024

All Rights Reserved. All reproduction rights reserved.

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