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Susan Berry - Art & Clients

I'm a freelance illustrator/designer. I work with some pretty wonderful magazines, newspapers, and publishing houses. I also create art for companies that need colorful images for products, branding, and marketing.


Clients include:  Stave Puzzles, Twin Farms Resort, Dartmouth College, National Science Foundation, Storey Communications, Chelsea Green Press, Taylor Guides (Houghton-Mifflin), Time-Life Gardening and Reader's Digest Gardening series.

I work primarily in watercolor, with other media as needed to create the images my customers need.  I am also a printmaker - working in intaglio processes, chine colle and collographs. The layering required in printmaking often translates into how I handle illustration especially when working digitally. 

My studio is located in northern New England and FedEx moves my artwork dependably on time to meet deadlines.


INSTA:  susanberryart

You will also see Printmaking and Landscape Design pages here. These are additional interests and careers. 

All artwork Copyright, Susan Airris Berry  2023

All Rights Reserved

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